Pim Schachtschabel

Pim is an experience designer from Holland. He has spent much of his young adult life gaining his education across the world. He has lived in 7 different countries: Holland, Canada, England, Malawi, Nicaragua, Switzerland, and the United States.

Pim has three older sisters and he credits his comfortability with his masculine and feminines sides of himself to this upbringing.

Through his experiences with different places and people he has learned many things. In Vancouver he remembers being a "mischievous young man." In London he learned how to better speak English by working in a bar and shaking cocktails. In Malawi the physical affection between men was eye opening for him - this experience was something he tried to bring home to Holland with him, knowing it would feel unnatural in Dutch culture. In Nicaragua, Pim experienced life in survival mode. Every action was intentional, if he forgot to filter his water in the morning he would have no water that day.

"I think my travels and living in different places has allowed me to see different lenses in which you can look at the world. One of my superpowers is whenever someone gives me a perspective I'm able to hold that perspective, shine from a different lens. I find that often people look through just one lens. If you can offer some different views it can be quite helpful."

When Pim has an interaction with another person he wants them to leave feeling a presence and playful calmness. He wants them to experience a fire and joy that he experienced during an interaction he had in India.

"I was doing a Buddhistic course about meditation. I saw a very practiced monk that visited, and it was just a short moment of walking by and us having a short moment of eye contact. And I don't know what that eye contact moment exactly was but there was a, whoa, there was a certain presence and calmness. There were no words necessary to have that feeling."

Presence is important to Pim in interactions but he is wary of being overly intentional. "I think the moment that you are too intentional about what you want to get out of it you miss the presence of the moment." Pim hopes to redesign an interview experience for Talk Social. He is interested in the interview experience as a result of his past experiences in the hiring process and his belief that it is broken.

Check out Pim's work at www.pimschachtschabel.com and www.arrchitectingcuriosity.com. Instagram.