Ezra Bookman

Throughout Ezra's life, he has been accompanied by a voice that is both reverent and passionately skeptical. He uses this contradiction when approaching everything he does,  examining how things are being done, and how they could be done differently. Ezra looks at the habitual and the normal, and thinks, "what is everyone used to, and how can we invert it, flip it, or poke at it."

Wrestling with the norm has been something Ezra has experienced all his life. As a kid, it manifested in stirring up trouble, questioning teachers, and never doing the "popular" thing at the time.

Ezra comes from a close Jewish community. His father was a Rabbi, and his mother was a Jewish educator. He is the youngest of four boys and grew up at the center of a large synagogue in Miami, Florida. Ezra loved being in this community's spotlight because of his extroverted nature, but he was also aware that some of his family members did not feel the same way.

"My mom is deeply introverted and doesn't like to be the center of attention so I hold that kind of contradiction within me."

The questions that drive Ezra's work are: how does transformation happen and what are the experiential conditions that drive meaningful and impactful transformation. Ezra believes that in order to understand these nuances of transformation he must first unpack why some rituals are better than other. This is why Ezra creates.

When Ezra has an interaction with another person he wants them to feel seen and heard. "A lot of people hear but they don't really listen and so I try to be fully present in a conversation and hope that people feel seen and heard, with empathy and curiosity."

An experience that Ezra hopes to redesign on Talk Social is a birthday celebration. Virtual birthdays since the beginning of the pandemic have been "excruciating" so he would love to make them a more positive and enjoyable experience.

"I've been on a very complex and interesting spiritual journey. That's the primary locus of where I've explored that question 'why' and also explored the kinds of experiences that push you to your edges. I find that's where the interesting stuff happens - the edges."

Check out Ezra's work at ritualist.life.