Brittany (Britt) Fleck

Brittany Fleck is the daughter of Peter and Lisa Fleck. Sister of Lexi, Nicole, and Jersey Fleck. She is the granddaughter of Bill and Pearl Feldman and Sally and Jeff Fleck. This lineage is a daily reminder for Brit, as she lives every day fully embracing the knowledge that one day she too will pass on and will only be remembered by who comes after her. Britt describes herself as an old soul and is drawn to older people who can share wisdom with her.

Brit's vivaciousness and zest for life has existed for as long as she's been alive. The eldest of three, she is a lover of reading, hiking, cooking, random interactions with strangers, handwritten notes, and watercolors. One of her favorite daily gifts to the world  is to buy strangers coffee. Sunflowers are her favorite flower and she feels embodied by the flower. Brit brings a warm energy to life which is juxtaposed with her connection to aging and death. While Brit is the first to acknowledge the temporary nature of life and the promise of the end of life, she believes that her intimate relationship with death helps her appreciate life.

Much of Brit's essence has been influenced by the impact of the multigenerational relationships she has formed. Britt's awareness of aging began with her grandparents as she has always been very close with them. Her grandparents played a foundational role for her which inspires her studies, including studying Gerontology.

Along with her study of life, aging and death, Brit chews on largely existential questions of life which she describes as a beautiful burden. Brit is passionate about having an end of life plan as both a way to celebrate and honor ones life and legacy, as well as to care for aging loved ones in the way they wish to be cared for, even when they cannot communicate anymore. Brit brings this knowledge and passion into her relationships with other young people.

When Brit interacts with another person, she wants them to feel seen and loved. She does this by leading her interactions with curiosity and loving language.

"With older adults, every opportunity to be heard and to be listened to is a reminder that their life matters. We live in a society that does not prioritize the well being of older adults, in the process of aging in the way that it should."

With a focus on presence and centering oneself on the important questions in life, Britt reflects this in the experiences she designs. Britt is interested in redesigning a Shabbat using Talk Social. To Britt, Shabbat brings presence and intentionality. With the use of a Talk Social template, she strives to provoke deeper reflection of the past week, and focused intentions for the coming week.

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