Conversations create community

For thousands of years, friendships have been formed and deepened in small groups and intentional experiences. Talk Social is the place where relationships are created and deepened through real conversations.

How it works

We're creating the building blocks of human connection.


We help you curate your community, set a purpose for getting together, and make the matches. We handle all the logistics, RSVPs, and calendar invites


Everyone joins a private video room hosted on our platform, accessible via any web browser


Groups of 4-6 people have a great conversation and get to know each other with pre-scripted conversation templates (or design your own!)

Follow Up

All relationships are mapped so your participants can stay in touch and make it easy for participants to deepen relationships on future conversations, and you identify who has or should meet in the future

Design your conversations

Talk Social is enabling a whole new class of creators to design human interaction. Instead of having to facilitate a conversation live every time, train a bunch of volunteers, or give everyone a PDF and hope for the best, build your conversation and let anyone in the world experience it.

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Host your people

Gather and build your community around deep conversations


It's not about you, it's about them right? Help everyone connect and build deeper relationships, beyond your mailing list.


Your relationships are your most important asset. Bringing everyone together


Build psychological safety amongst remote colleagues for higher performance and retention

"I loved the topics that our group generated. We could have talked about any one of them for a really long time."

“I would rather attend a Talk Social then watch an hour of Netflix."

"I've never experienced something like this before. There is something really unique about meeting strangers who all have a baseline level of trust through the host. They aren't really "strangers"—and I'm more confident I'm spending my time with people I'm going to enjoy"

Our Mission:
Bring Humanity Back Together Again

We’re in a valley as a society - looking for belonging and meaning in a fractured and lonely culture.

We need the place online where we deepen our existing relationships, form new connections, and bring humanity, and ourselves, back together.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

We're in private alpha and coming soon.

Have a chat with us below and we'll let you know as we get closer to opening.

We're hiring

Talk Social is on a mission to reduce loneliness in the world by bringing humanity back together again with the power of deep conversations. We believe there's an opportunity to build the next great social platform for the world, and our investors agree.

Want to join our adventure? We're hiring.

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