Our mission: bring humanity together.

We are in a time of crisis.
We don’t talk anymore.

Too many of our interactions are reactions without clear intention and purpose, resulting in an inability to find common ground.

As the internet has evolved, we have seen the impact of stagnation, superficiality, and disconnection on our relationships.

We now see that the foundational needs of friendship, thoughtful conversations, and authentic connection, require effort and commitment to manifest.

We at Talk Social aim to make these needs the accessible default for online, social interaction by creating an exciting new place to come together, tell our stories and elevate the human experience.

Friendship, conversation, and connection occur through magical social experiences.

Shared experiences create stories, and subsequent story telling.  

These stories are at the universal root of human connection. They are the foundational step to creating community; they end wars, inspire creativity and innovation, and ultimately find us belonging and love.

Those who enable stories and story telling are the key to our collective social health.

We’re building Talk Social for them —and you.

Our place is your place.

Join us. 
We have big dreams. 

Curious to learn more? You can read what we've been writing over at The Next Social Platform and The Next Social Platform Won’t Be Individualistic

Meet some of the creators bringing humanity back together.

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Gather and build your community around deep conversations


It's not about you, it's about them right? Help everyone connect and build deeper relationships, beyond your mailing list.

Facilitators & Designers

You spend your days thinking about how to get people to have the right conversation, but you can't be there in every breakout room, in every session, around the world, 24/7. We are.


Build psychological safety amongst remote colleagues for higher performance and retention

We're in private alpha and coming soon.

Have a chat with us below and we'll let you know as we get closer to opening.

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Talk Social is on a mission to reduce loneliness in the world by bringing humanity back together again. We believe there's an opportunity to build the next great social platform for the world, and our investors agree.

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